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Track and Field Clinics

We host track and field clinics specializing in the hurdles, jumps, and throws.  We also do individual training in the long and triple jumps with high school athletes.


Speed and Agility Training

We offer training to increase your speed and agility. We teach how to stretch and warm-up properly, along with using proper running technique. With our training, we also work on increasing your flexibility.

Sports Performance Testing

We test your group of athletes in the 40 yd dash, 20 yd shuttle, vertical leap, and broad jump. After the testing is complete, we will give the head coach or the leader of group a spreadsheet of the results. We have experience with working with little league athletes to professional athletes.

C.P. Timing

We time high school, middle school, and college track and field meets.  We are a Fully Automated Timing (F.A.T.) group.


TF Clinic
CP Timing


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